Siddhartha Insurance

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Reliance Life Insurance

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Life Insurance

Contract between an insurance policy holder and an insurer or assurer.

Non Life Insurance

Provide payments on automobile and homeowners policies depending on the loss from a particular financial event

About Insurance

Aakash Group was one of the founding promoters of Siddhartha Insurance Ltd (SIL).  Established in the year 2006, SIL is one of the renowned non-life (general) insurance companies in Nepal with strong presence in the form of 74 Branches.  Reliance Life Insurance Ltd. is one of the new life insurance companies in Nepal and starter its operation from 1st of Mangsir, 2074 (17th November 2017) post receiving its operating license from the Insurance Board of Nepal. It is promoted by Siddhartha Bank limited and other renowned business houses.

Branches and Services of Insurance Units

Leading life insurance company with due solemnity and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

75+ Branches

2 Insurance Units

200+ Employees

Property Insurance

Student Medical Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Group com Family Hospitalization Insurance

Money Back Assurance Plan (15 & 20 years)

Child Assurance Plan

Engineering Insurance

Burglary & House Breaking Insurance

Cash in transit & In Safe Insurance